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Services in MIQ:
The Al-Istiqamah Mosque Management Board offers a variety of services that blend the traditional with the modern. Being a new generation mosque, MIQ is in a unique position to
meet the needs of the purists within the Muslim community, while at the same time keeping up with the demands of the new millenium.

The following is a list of services available in MIQ:
(current as at 1 Jun 2005)

Religious Courses & Syarahans
  • Religious Courses - Every single day is slotted with at least one on-going religious class, with most of them conducted in the weekends. For a complete list, refer to the weekly classes page.
  • Syarahans - 'Prime-time' syarahan is held every Saturday after Isya for Muslimin and Muslimah. The presenters are usually invited asatizah of varying experiences and qualifications from within Singapore as well as abroad. On occasions, forums involving a few asatizah in a single sitting are conducted.

    For enquiries on Ibadah & Dakwah programs, call Cik Supiyah Abdul Rahman or En Abdul Rahman Kassim at 62814287 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg
  • Madrasah Masjid Al-Istiqamah - This is a part-time madrasah covering the major facets of Islam including Tauhid, Fiqh, Sirah and Akhlaq. It is designed to complement the education of Muslim students attending secular schools. Students from pre-school age (Asas persediaan) to late teens are catered for in the different levels.

    Classes are held twice a week on weekdays or once a week on weekends, depending on the level attended. A total of 5 full-time and 2 part-time asatizah make up the teaching force.
  • Madrasah Iqra Al-Quran Sepadu Al-Istiqamah - This part-time madrasah program places emphasis on reading and understanding Al-Quran. The levels span from pre-school age to primary 6. Specially organised classes are also held for remaja.

    Also included in the curriculum are Lughah, Tauhid, Akhlak, Sirah, Jawi,
    Fiqeh and memorising of Al-Quran. Students are given the opportunity to sit for the PSLE exams at Pri 6 level organised by Muis.

    In all, 4 asatizah are entrusted with the task of operating this madrasah. They are supported by 4 part-time asatizah.

    For enquiries on Madrasah programs, call Cik Siti Sainab or Hjh Zuraida Mustafa at 62814287 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg

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Taska (Pre-school)
  • Taska PPIS/Al-Istiqamah - The MIQ Taska (Al-Istiqamah Mosque Kindergarten) is one of the first mosque-based pre-school centres to be registered with the Ministry of Education.

    The Taska runs 4 sessions each of Nursery to K2 classes Monday to Friday. The staff comprises 1 senior teacher, 9 teachers and assistants and 2 other administrative staff.

    For enquiries on MIQ Taska, call Cik Marwati Ahmad or Cik Norliza Abdul Rahim at 62819379 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg
Enrichment Programs
  • Religious Pengayaan Programs - To meet the demands of the Muslims requiring Islamic education that suits their daily schedule, MIQ runs various religious programs ranging from Iqra (basics of Al-Quran recitation) and intermediate to advanced Al-Quran reading to Fiqh and Arabic classes. Most of the sessions are held in the evenings on weekdays and all throughout the weekend.

    No fewer than 4 asatizah specialising in Al-Quran conduct different levels of Al-Quran classes for both men and women; 2 asatizah conduct fardu 'ain classes in Tamil for adults and children; 3-5 asatizah conduct other Islamic classes in Malay, covering different aspects.
  • Non-religious Pengayaan Programs - MIQ also provides a platform for the imparting of useful non-religious knowledge for its jemaah. This includes regular tuition, sewing and IT classes. Also, from time to time, workshops and seminars are held. Topics range from "How to Score in 'O'-Level Maths" to "Project Management for Everyone."

    For enquiries on Pengayaan programs, call Cik Siti Sainab or Hjh Zuraida Mustafa at 62814287 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg
MIQ Multimedia Library
  • MIQ Multimedia Library - This is the second mosque-based library with full library functions (circulation system, AVA, etc.) to be established in Singapore, the first being Ar-Raudhah Islamic Library (ARIL at Masjid Ar-Raudhah). It was opened to the jemaah to coincide with the official opening of MIQ on 17 June 2000 by Mr Mohamad Maidin Packer Mohd, then Parliamentary Secretary (Education).

    Its setup is designed to benefit all age groups, from infants to seniors. Materials available include religious and non-religious books, videos, audio cassettes, VCDs, CDs, and edutainment CD-Roms, with members having the option of borrowing them out or reading/viewing/listening to them within the library using the facilities. Internet access is also available for a maximum of 3 persons at a time. Opening hours are planned to maximise patronage from the Taska and Madrasah students during weekdays and Saturday morning, and from the general jemaah on busy weeknights and certain hours of the weekend.

    2 library assistants help run the library on a part-time basis with volunteers assisting in areas like stock-check, book sale and story-telling for children.

    For further information on the MIQ Multimedia Library, call Hjh Zuraida Mustafa at 62814287 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg
Welfare Services
  • Subsidy Scheme - MIQ provides assistance in the form of subsidising the fees of students participating in any of the MIQ Madrasah programs. The decision on the percentage of the subsidy is made on a case-by-case basis, with consideration given to factors like family background, conduct of student, and current economic trend.
  • Zakat Collection - Since its establishment, MIQ has been appointed by Muis as a Zakat collection centre (also, Zakat Fitrah during Ramadan). The modes of payment available are cash, cheque and Nets.
  • Fidyah Collection & Distribution - Fidyah collection is done all year long with the bulk during the Ramadan season. Close to the end of Ramadan, a formal ceremony to disburse the fidyah collection is held, usually involving members from the MIQ Executive Committee.
  • Other Financial Assistance - MIQ does not have a regular program to assist the needy but as much as possible, it will provide financial assistance to genuine cases. Each application is considered on its own merit.
  • Special Enrichment/Development Programs - As part of the ongoing effort to help develop examplary Muslim families, MIQ (headed by the Jbt Pembangunan Keluarga & Kebajikan) organises events like Pre- & Post-marriage courses, home financial management workshops and motivational talks.

    For further information on MIQ Welfare Services, call Cik Supiyah Abdul Rahman or En Abdul Rahman Kassim at 62814287 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg
Ji-Mart, Savers' Corner & Additional Stalls
  • Ji-Mart One-Stop Stall - Here, jemaah can purchase snacks like kueh pow of different fillings, cakes and pastry, and even roti telur and nasi lemak on selected days. Cold drinks, packed food and frozen stuff like nuggets and whole chickens are also available for those who prefer not to make extra stops after leaving the mosque.

    Products are competitively priced and the wide variety will appeal to many.
  • Savers' Corner - Common household items are available for jemaah to pick up at irresistable, 'next-to-nothing' prices, courtesy of donation from other members of the jemaah. Tudung, Muslimah dresses, brooches, toys, games, stationery are just some of the stuff available at this "for-the-jemaah-by-the-jemaah" thrift-shop-concept stall.

    Stop by to pick up or donate a thing or two!
  • Additional Stalls - During active periods like before/after Solat Jumaat, wekends, nights with major classes and syarahans, stalls plying a wide range of food and non-food products line the main entrance of the mosque. In Ramadan, the numbers are increased and the hours modified to suit the fasting schedule.

    These stalls are popular with the jemaah and even non-Muslim passersby.
Other Ibadah Services
  • Tahlil Services - Since MIQ was made wakaf, regular majlis tahlil has been held every Thursday between Maghrib and Isyak. This is where jemaah can include the names of their dearly departed for inclusion in the doa (cut off time 6.00 pm). Jemaah can also approach the Imam directly for invitation to their residence for similar functions, subject to his availability.
  • Jenazah Services - As long as it does not disrupt any majlis/class that is being conducted, jenazah solat can be performed at MIQ. If the jenazah is placed at the main hall before any one of the five congregational solat, the Imam will be available for leading the jenazah solat after the fardu solat.

    MIQ does not provide full 'Khairat' funeral service but will refer any requests to the most appropriate one (according to location and operating hours).
  • Aqad Nikah Ceremony Services - Jemaah can utilise the main prayer hall and lobby areas for the purpose of solemnising their nikah (ijab qabul ceremony). A notice period of 30 days is required and utilities fees will be requested from the applicants. Permission will be granted subject to the availability of the premises.

    Main conditions include ensuring of proper attire of the guests by the hosts and no serving of food within the prayer hall areas.

    For enquiries on MIQ Ibadah services, call Cik Supiyah Abdul Rahman or En Abdul Rahman Kassim at 62814287 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg
Rental/Hire of Premises & Equipment
  • Rental of AVA/PA Equipment - Portable audio-visual and public address system equipment is available for rent subject to its availability. Items include projectors, microphones, videocams, laptop computers and cables.
  • Rental of Rooms - Among the rooms for rent for one-off events or limited duration short-term and long-term programs are the multi-purpose hall and computer lab (both at level 2), and lobby area at level 1. Food-catering can also be arranged as part of the package.
  • Rental of Lockers - Lockers are available in the women's main prayer hall (level 2) for women and next to level 1 wuduk area for men. Fees are payable on a monthly basis. Applicants need to register for allocation of their lockers.

    For enquiries on rental rates of MIQ premises and equipment call En Shahruddin Sogol at 62814287 or email info@alistiqamah.mosque.org.sg


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