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18-20 January 2007
Marriage Preparation Course
20 Persons
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Recently, En-Naeem mosque in close collaboration with SP Management had conducted its first ever marriage preparation course, which was conducted for 3 days during the recent Chinese New Year holiday. This course is recognized by Registrar of Muslim Marriage (ROMM), under the umbrella of Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.
The course managed to attract about 20 participants. It is conducted in a very friendly, yet energetic atmosphere. The course, was conducted ala a workshop, where 2-way communications between the presenter and participants are highly encouraged. With this approach, it enabled the presenter to focus on the concerns of the participants, since the topic required to be covered by the lecturer is rather wide.
Throughout the 3-day course, the participants are exposed to various scenarios as well as sharing sessions of what would occur in a normal marriage. This is to prepare them for marriage, as most couples, at the moment, have not delved into this aspect seriously. Most felt that marriage is a bed of roses.

With new facility of the newly upgraded mosque, it provided an ideal environment and ambience for the participants to attend the course comfortably. Food and refreshments were catered at the mosque, as the break sessions were also used to expose the couples on certain aspects of marriage, during meal times, especially.

The following are some of the pictures taken during the course.