At a glance ...

Sultan Hussain Shah, the Ruler of Temasek (former name of Singapore), proposed to build a Mosque. Sir Stamford Raffles promised that the East India Company will donate $3000 to assist in the builing of Sultan Mosque. It was ready two years later. It was a brick structure with an area sufficient for the Muslim population to do their prayers.

Sultan Alauddin Shah, grandson of Sultan Hussain shah, the ruler of this period handed over the administration to a Board of trustees consisting of Five Muslim leaders.

The lease of the land where Masjid Sultan was situated was extended by the Straits Settlement Government for a further 999 years. A new Board of Trustees consisting of twelve members was formed.

The Board of Trustees proposed to rebuild a new building for the mosque on the same site. Construction went through phases so as not to  disrupt the prayers in the Mosque. The new builing costing $200,000 was completed fours years later. The Mosque building with its unique architecture is still the pride of Singapore Muslims today.

The Masjid Sultan was declared a preserved historical building under the patronage of the Preservation Monuments Board Act. It has become one of our heritage.

The Government of Singapore approved the application by the Board of Trustees to carry out an extension project for the mosque. The project is to builda three storey annex building on a 1,184 sq. meters land adjoining the mosque. Consequently, with the declaration by the government to conserve the Kampong Glam area as our heritage, the Mosque will invariably be a focus under the Malay  Muslim theme of our heritage.

The Completion of the project has upgrade the facilities in the mosque and provided the infrastructure for educating the people on Islam as a religion and a way of life. Wide variety of activities has been conducted in the Annexe building.